A Jewish Pilot in the Land of Milk and Honey — Part 13

Next morning after an early breakfast a 17 year-old girl named Mimi appeared with a brand-new Estate-Car and drove all 6 of us from LA to Bakersfield. Mimi who was Elynor’s younger sister took us straight to Elynor’s office at Bakersfield Airpark which was stretched along Highway 99.
The first move of Elynor was to take us across Highway 99 to a motel called “The Royal Cabins” which belonged to an elderly Jewish couple who contributed rooms to all 15 participants of the flying-course free -of-charge as long as they would need them.
We then went back to Elynor’s office and were interviewed one by one by her. When my turn came I told her of my membership at the Aero Club of Palestine and of my 11 hours and 7 minutes flying experience of which 8 hours and 7 minutes were flying Solo in Gliders and Sailplanes while the remaining 3 hours were flying in light-airplanes with an instructor. I handed her all the documents and the small log-book which I had. She seemed to be pleased and called in a young and tall man who looked a bit like Danny Kay but was aFlight-Instructor called Paul Calisi. When he saw my meager flight-experience they both decided that I should start my flight-training right-away as if I was getting my 12th hour of dual flying.
Calisi and I went out to another room where he questioned me in depth and was most happy to find out that I was familiar with the airplane’s parts and engine and knew all about flying straight-and-level, performing turns and about stalls and spins. He asked me to wait in the briefing-room while he will see about an airplane which will be our training airplane exclusively.
When I went into the briefing-room where I found my 4 comrades I asked about Moshe Goren who was missing and was told, smiling mysteriously that he was sent back to LA by Elynor.
Many years later I asked Elynor why Moshe Goren came along with us to Bakersfield and she told me that when she asked him the same question he explained to her, quite seriously, that he was to be the Commanding-Officer of this flying course, attend to discipline and ascertain that we get drilled with and without arms and attend the morning and evening parade with the Israeli flag etc’. As soon as she heard him she told him to depart immediately from Bakersfield, which he refused, so that she phoned Teddy Kollek right-away and when Teddy heard what she had to say he told Goren to take the first bus to LA and fly back to NYC.

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