Hijacked to Algiers — Epilogue


Several days after our highjacking, Zvi Tohar was dismissed from being Manager of Flight Operations Division and Tom Jones was dismissed from being Vice-President Operations. Both went back to fly the line. Shortly afterwards, Zvi Tohar while driving his car back home from the airport suffered a brain-hemorrage, hit a tree and died. Tom Jones retired at age 60. Maoz Poraz was shot down by a Russian missile while he was flying his fighter airplane in combat during the Yom-Kippur War. Yona Lichtman retired at age 60 and several years later died due to heart arrest. Yaakov Merav (Monsieur Jacques), whom I appreciate and respect for helping me with geniality during our difficult time together took early retirement, went to the Tel-Aviv University, received his MBA, and went into business. Ran Shligersky asked me to be the Godfather of his first-born son. Elkana Shemen kept bragging about how he cursed Seargent Lashmi, denied that I punished him for it, and said that I had no legal authority over him. As soon as Maoz Poraz was killed and Yona Lichtman died, Avner Slapak started telling the media fairy-tales about our skyjacking. There is not one word of truth in them.



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