Some time ago, after I had finally retired from a forty six and a half year career as a pilot, I endeavored to write, in great detail, a memoir of my extraordinary family and the extraordinary experiences I was fortunate enough to have as a pilot. The memoir was primarily an effort to preserve this knowledge and these memories for my family, and most of it isn’t of general interest. But there are a few exceptions; a few moments where we were unwitting accomplices or witnesses to some of Jewish history’s greatest events. This blog is where I’ll gradually post, one by one and in no apparent order, translations of these stories.


The stories are organized by topic and are available by clicking on the links at the top of this page. I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for visiting.

— Oded

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Oded – We are showing the film “Above and Beyond” produced by Nancy Spielberg on April 20th in the evening at the Austin Jewish Community Center. We would like to interview you live via Skype at that time if you are willing.

    • Mike, Oded does not have Skype but requested that I pass the following message along:

      “Dear Sir,

      I strongly recommend that you obtain the following book, which will no doubt be of great help to you and to the Director and Producer of “Above and Beyond” in your future work on the birth of the IAF:


      Aircrew Personnel in the War of Independence

      Eddy Kaplansky
      January 1993

      Respectfully yours,

      Oded Abarbanell.”

  2. I am Albert Solsberg’s son. He was the Canadian radio engineer and a volunteer during Operation Velveta. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog. I would be interested if you had any memories of my father. I would like to document them. Thank you

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